Razorback Troop



Fayetteville, AR




What can I do as a parent?


The Boy Scout troop is boy led.  But this does not mean that it doesn’t need help.  The troop needs the support and assistance of all scout parents to function optimally. You can be a committee member and help organize and guide the troop.  You can be an assistant scout master and work beside the scouts teaching and training. You can also be a merit badge counselor and work with the scouts in your specific areas of interest or expertise.



What does it cost to join:


Troop 46 does not currently charge to join. For new scouts the BSA national organization charges $40. If you are transferring from a Cub Scout pack or from another Troop there is a $1 application processing fee. Also, if you are new you will need to purchase a uniform and books. These can be priced and bought at the Scout Shop in the Ozark Outlet mall in Springdale. There is a $20 fee for each campout per scout; this covers food and campsite fees. The residual funds go to purchasing troop equipment: tents, cooking supplies, etc.



When do I wear what uniform?


The official field uniform (class A) should be worn at the first troop meeting of the month and to any other formal event as designated by the troop leaders. An activity uniform (class b) should be worn at other troop meetings and where the official field uniform is not appropriate.


The official field uniform for Troop 46 is “belt up.” This includes the green belt, the tan shirt with correct insignia, neckerchief, and hat. For pants the scout may wear the official scout pants, clean jeans without holes or excessive wear, kakhi or brown pants, or kakhi shorts. When traveling the neckerchief and slide are not required.


The activity uniform is a scout related t-shirt, polo shirt, or tan button up shirt with appropriate pants and footwear.


Footwear should preferably be hiking or outdoor activity style shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable for indoor functions. Open toed shoes, sandals, Crocs, or flip flops should never be worn to scouting activities.